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Our approach is very "candidate expectations" oriented to present you with targeted offers. The exchanges are precise and exhaustive with a single goal: efficiency. We closely monitor the processes to streamline recruitment and save you time.

Let's discuss your project confidentially!

What are you looking for ?


Start-up or SMB ?

Our partner companies are mainly start-ups (already profitable or having raised funds) and Mid-Size Companies.

We offer you companies where it is good to live. They also mostly authorize partial or 100% teleworking.


Tech or Sales?

We specialize in hiring Tech (CTO, Lead Developer and Developer) and Sales (Head of Sales, Account Manager, Business Manager, CSM and SDR)


Location ?

Our clients recruit on permanent contracts in the main major French and international cities.

Are you looking for a position in Paris, Bordeaux, Nantes, Lyon, Marseille, Rennes or even Montreal, Brussels and Singapore or even remotely?



Our clients offer technology-related solutions (Medtech, Artificial Intelligence, Software, Environment, Foodtech, Data, Adtech, Fintech, Industry)

A recruitment process
efficient and candidate-oriented

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